In which there is a missing apostrophe – Pompeys Pillar National Monument, Montana

I want to begin by apologizing for the delay between posts recently. Middle of the semester = no time for blogging. I finally had some free time over the weekend and planned to write and then ended up so sick that a short walk to the mailbox resulted in a 45-minute nap on the couch. I was thoroughly wiped out. I’m hoping that by now my brain can manage to pull together some coherent sentences, so here we go.

We’ve reached the summer of 2009 now, and my mom and I were busy taking advantage of every weekend to get out and do some exploring. This weekend’s destination: Pompeys Pillar.

No, I did not forget the apostrophe. And yes, it greatly bothers me that in the official park name, there isn’t one. Misuse of apostrophes is my biggest pet peeve, although usually this appears in the form of people adding them where they don’t belong rather than omitting them. I see it all the time on signs and in articles and plenty of other places that you’d think would ask someone to proofread before printing. But apparently that’s a thing of the past now. There’s a sign at my local grocery store advertising “Banana’s.” No. Just…no.

Okay, rant completed. Moving on.

Pompeys Pillar National Monument is located near Billings, Montana in the flat, dry eastern part of the state. It holds the distinction of being one of the smallest national monuments in the country, at just 51 acres. There is plenty to do, though, including a walk through the interpretive center, meandering down to the shores of the Yellowstone River, and climbing a whole bunch of stairs to reach the top of the pillar. Continue reading