Exploring Montana on Skis

I never used to mind winter. And then I moved to New England. Winters here are horrible. The sun sets at 4:15. It’s usually cloudy and cold and windy. And dark. All the time. And when it snows in New England, it really snows. Two feet at a time, leaving us to dig our way out of the house and then figure out where to pile up all the snow.

But winter in Montana never bothered me. Maybe because I grew up with it and I’m used to it. Or maybe because it doesn’t get dark quite as early and it’s not nearly as overcast. Or maybe because even though it snows more, it almost never dumps two feet at a time. And when it does snow, it clears up afterwards and it’s beautiful. Winter is still my least favorite season, but the way the Montana landscape shimmers in the sunlight after a snow storm is something that’s hard to beat. Continue reading

Christmas in Ohio

For our final trip of 2011, we headed to Ohio over the holiday break to visit some of my mom’s side of the family. They live in the Cincinnati area but the nearest airport is actually located in Covington, KY, so this trip was also the first time I’d ever been to Kentucky. It’s not much, but my feet touched the ground in the state. In my book, that counts!

Ohio gets its fair share of winter but this particular Christmas was very moderate. Sunshine, a bit of rain, but no snow. Seeing as I grew up in Montana, having a white Christmas every year was basically a guarantee. It’s always weird to me when Christmas comes and there’s no snow to be seen. I don’t imagine that feeling is ever going to change. Continue reading

Diana’s Best of 2016

2016 was a rough year. I think we can all pretty much agree on that. Nasty politics, violence, and the deaths of our favorite celebrities ruled the news. But rather than focus on the bad, I thought I’d finish off the year with a list of my favorite 2016 adventures. Here are this year’s top five:

1. Seeing the most adorable pandas ever at the San Diego Zoo

dscn0012-1 Continue reading

Liebster Award!

A few weeks back, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Allison over at Travel Gourmand. Thanks, Allison! She’s recently (well okay, semi-recently, it’s taken me way too long to get around to making this post) been recounting her adventures through Greenland! It’s already on my Ultimate Travel List but every single photo of hers has only increased my desire to go there. Someday. When I have money. When will that be?

Anyway, getting back on topic here…the Liebster Award was created in 2011 to encourage bloggers to discover and promote new and emerging blogs. Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award

A few weeks ago (I’m a little behind…), Rosie from La Grenouille Anglaise nominated me for my first ever award – the Sunshine Blogger Award (thanks, Rosie!). It’s an award given to bloggers by other bloggers who “are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” I’m so honored that I can inspire others…that was really my main reason for starting this blog! If you have a chance, head on over to her blog for some beautiful photos and fun adventure stories. Continue reading

In Loving Memory

This one, as the title might suggest, is going to be a bit different from the rest of my posts.

In September 2008, my college friend Dianna came to visit me in Montana. Though Dianna was from Seattle, her mom grew up in my hometown and graduated from my high school. Dianna and I met at our first college track and field team meeting our freshman year and bonded over sharing a name. As it happened, we shared a whole lot more than just a name. We both taught swim lessons as a summer job. We both used to be in gymnastics. Our team colors were the same. Our high schools also had the same team colors – and mascot! We were in the same major. And the list goes on. We called each other Twin. And for Christmas one year, she made us shirts that said “Team Dian(n)a.” You get the picture. Continue reading


I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a travel blog for a long time now, but I always manage to talk myself out of it. Maybe because I haven’t quit my job to travel the world for a year. I haven’t even really traveled the world, though I have traveled quite extensively within the US and Canada. And maybe someday I’ll be that person who leaves everything behind and goes on the adventure of a lifetime. But for right now, my boyfriend (Pat) and I are broke grad students with an ever-growing list of destinations and neither the time nor the money to actually visit any of them. Nevertheless, we make the most of what little time and money we do have to venture out locally and see as much as we can.

Growing up, my family didn’t have a ton of money, so we never went to Disneyland or Hawaii or Europe for our family vacations. We went camping. Weekends, holidays, and every summer for two weeks or so, we’d pack up the old station wagon and head off to a new (or old favorite) destination. I grew up in southwest Montana, surrounded by mountains and lakes, ninety minutes from Yellowstone National Park and a day’s drive to the national parks of Colorado, Utah, and Washington, so there was never a shortage of places to go. I mean, I lived there for 21 years and I’ve still barely scratched the surface.

Three years ago, I relocated to New England for grad school, and while I spend most of my days in mountain withdrawal (I’m sorry, but Connecticut “mountains” are not mountains), I’ve also visited so many places I never thought I’d go. Prince Edward Island, for example. And so I decided that even though I’m not embarking upon an epic world adventure any time soon, I’m still a traveler. I go places and hike and camp and take pictures, and I want to share those with whoever happens to stumble across this blog. I also want to provide insight and information about the places I’ve visited. And hopefully along the way, I can inspire at least one person to get out there and experience the beauty that nature has to offer.

What New England lacks in mountains, it makes up for in fall colors